an invitation

we are looking for a person

to help us develop, grow, change, and evolve

We want to say something along the lines of: general manager, producer, administrator, artist assistant. But we don't have a specific title in mind. We want to work it out together.

We want to work it all out together. What you can do. What we can do. What we can all do together. What to call it.


Since 2011, Alister and Kat have made great theatre happen all over the world. The two of us have been at the helm, doing everything from finance through van driving to prop making, from producing tours through parceling up print to dramaturgy.

In the past two years, supported by a great board of trustees, we have worked tirelessly to enable ourselves to make this invitation.

In 2019 and 2020, we are making a new show and touring existing work. We have exciting projects in the pipeline, working with new collaborators and in new places. We'll mostly be touring venues in Scotland and England. And we need help.

a few notes

We work in lots of different places, and most often from home, which is on the border between England and Scotland. Practically, it makes a lot of sense if you're also based in the north of England or in Scotland, but as long as we can find ways to work together, it's fine if you're not. You might not be based in Britain.

We are particularly interested in building audiences outside of the big urban centres. If you are uncertain whether lambs are really baby sheep, your perspective may be too urban for us.

Communication is important. We'll only occasionally be in the same office together, and keeping on top of everything requires good communication.


It's not set in stone. The things we want are:

  • support with marketing, audience, engagement and reach
  • support with finance and administration
  • support with fund-raising
  • support with project and tour planning and delivery

You might excel at some of this and not all of it. You might be pretty good at all of it. You might come with experience of something quite different but have a passion which makes this make sense. You might really want to avoid one of these areas and take on full responsibility for others.

We want to hear what difference you think you can make, and where you'd like to end up, what kind of ambition we might realise together, and whether you want to move on after this project or create the means to continue working together (both are OK, your ambitions for yourself matter too). Then we can figure out together the goals and responsibilities you'll have.

You might already be working with other artists, or looking to work limited hours, or looking to gain different experience before returning to another organisation or another sector.

You'll be a self-employed freelancer. You may want to stay that way, or become employed. You may thrive on self-directed responsibilities, or on defined tasks. You may seek a future leadership role, with executive producer or executive director ambitions, or you may prefer a supporting role.

You might be in a city, a town, a village, or somewhere remote.

You might be from one of the many groups under-represented in British arts.

You might be at the start of your arts career, or highly experienced.

You should like our work. It will be hard if you don't like our work.

You should want to make a difference.

You should appreciate the difference art makes.

You should have high expectations of yourself and those you work with.

You should have passion, energy, drive and hope.

Nothing else is absolutely necessary.

Money and small print

The projects funding this role run to the end of 2020, and we imagine you beginning in April or May 2019. There is a review point in September 2019, so we can make sure everyone is happy with how it's working.

A total fee of up to £15,600 is available, payable in instalments, dependent on responsibilities. We expect this to equate to a commitment of at least two days a week between May 2019 and November 2020,

The role could be extended, with successful fundraising.

To apply, complete the form below. If your access needs make this difficult, please email Alister so we can make sure we get everything we need.

The deadline is Friday 15 March.

Traditional role descriptions for this might mention some criteria:

  • Required
    • enthusiasm for the arts and the difference arts can make
    • collaborative abilities for team projects with a proven ability to work independently, taking responsibility
    • strong organisational skills, with attention to detail and responsiveness to deadlines
    • strong communication skills
    • an active commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion
    • high expectations of yourself with an exceptional work ethic and the ability to recognise when you are not working
  • Desirable
    • a portfolio of relationships within theatre and the performing arts
    • in-depth knowledge of the UK performing arts ecology
    • in-depth knowledge of the international performing arts ecology
    • familiarity with Google's office suite products
    • experience of managing multiple projects at one time
    • the ability to think strategically
    • experience of marketing in contemporary performance
    • experience of fund-raising within arts organisations which are not building-based
    • an up-to-date understanding of a variety of communications channels including social media
    • knowledge of contracts and legal issues in the performance field
    • proven leadership experience or potential,
    • excellent knowledge of Two Destination Language's work