Each of our FIELD residencies has led to a publication, with contributions from each of the participant artists and some of the guests who have joined our conversations. They mark a moment in time, reflect hopes and challenges, and map possible paths. Some contributions are playful; some are serious. They reflect the diversity of participants' experiences, artforms, concerns and ambitions. All the books are illustrated with Katherina Radeva's drawings made in response to each residency.

FIELD notes

Filled with the ambition for change which characterised the early pandemic, this was the inaugural FIELD publication.

Contributions from Lisette Auton, Emma Beverley, Umar Butt, Kate Craddock, Brendan Curtis, Emma Geraghty, Adam York Gregory, Ellie Harrison, Katie Hickman, Lady Kitt, Alister Lownie, Krissi Musiol, Toni-Dee Paul, Katherina Radeva, Chloe Smith, Hannah Sullivan, Jo Verrent, Rich Warburton and Ben Wright. Edited by Alister Lownie with illustrations by Katherina Radeva.

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two piles of FIELD Scotland books, showing the front and back covers

FIELD Scotland: on value

In March 2021, a group of 29 creative practitioners from across Scotland came together in virtual spaces to think, talk, listen and dream, learning from each other and through the act of dialogue. These writings reflect some of their thinking, on where we are now and some paths forward. Here you will find more questions than answers, and we hope these will nudge you into new thoughts, collective actions, responsibilities and futures.

Contributions from Alice Allen, Vanessa Boyd, Jassy Earl, Leonor Estrada Francke, Heather Fulton, Karl Jay-Lewin, Sara Johnstone, Sanjay Lago, Alister Lownie, Heather Marshall, Ruth McEwan, Raman Mundair, Emily Nicholl, Katherina Radeva, Jessica Ramm, Ellen Renton, Mhari Robinson, Jenna Watt and Katharine Williams. Edited by Alister Lownie with illustrations by Katherina Radeva.

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FIELD notes: TWO

Published at the start of 2022, the most recent FIELD publication takes a more reflective approach than its predecessors, and so is perhaps a more intimate insight into the contributors' creative thinking.

Contributions from Ingrid Banerjee Marvin & Kate West, Luke Beech, Hannah Butterfield, Lydia Catterall, Kate Craddock, Jyothi Giles, Dan Goodman, Humira Imtiaz, Lora Krasteva, Rachel Krische, Laura Lulika with melissandre, Jennifer McMillan, Afidi Nomo and Dawn Woolley. Edited by Alister Lownie with illustrations by Katherina Radeva.

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Feedback on FIELD books...

"Field and Field notes is one of the best things to come out of this pandemic" -Jo Verrent, Unlimited 

"Field notes is a beautiful book, for the way it looks, the quality of the writing, and the way it was made. But it is also beautiful because it is useful. Its contributors offer generous insights into how artists make work now, but also how artists might make work in the future; with openness, care and an eye on the horizon" - Philip Stanier, academic at University of Winchester UK 

"Field notes Two is full of reflections, projections, living nightmares and growing dreams from some of the most radically caring, creative, revolters I’ve ever met. It captures a moment and speaks to the wider time we’re in. It’s angry and messy enough to feel hopeful: Comical, even." Lydia Catterall, artist and thinker

Other publications

Many of our other projects have also resulted in publications, including these...

On Otherness

As part of our development work for Fault Lines, we spent time speaking with a variety of other makers about difference and their work.

time to respond

In response to the ideas developed by artists on the time to respond residency we curated for Dance Base Scotland (2021), we created this publication.

Dusty Feet

This brochure accompanied an exhibition we curated for Wiltshire Libraries about signs and meaning.

Ploughing Your FIELD

Commissioned by Theatre in the Mill, we brought together some thoughts on running online residencies for artists.

Landed: Elland

We made a book about the people, activities and places we discovered while making Landed in Elland, and distributed it to residents.

The work is available in local libraries.