Fault Lines

a woman poses on the catwalk with her hands in the air

The STAGE 50 Best Shows of 2022 - touring category

A fashion show on the fracture between feminism and fabric. A catwalk which takes you from big beats to near silence. Five womxn take to the stage on a catwalk like no other! Garments flow, hair is pulled up, let loose, let free! Jazzy moves, heartfelt stories and heart-throbbing energy fills the room.

Navigate your own sound path through a performance featuring five strong women from different walks of life. Using your mobile and headphones, choose between music and stories which offer contrasting positions on the parade of costumes and identities on stage. Curate your own journey through a runway show of people like you and people you’ll never know, with a soundtrack selected by you. 

the six-strong cast of Fault Lines dance in unison

"pure joy; and the sense of freedom that only comes when we bring our pure creativity to bear on the world around us, and succeed in shifting it, ever so slightly, on its axis." ★★★★ - The Scotsman

"What is it all about? Everything, really. Emotions and experiences, moments and memories. The whole thing is a delirious, disorienting dive into female histories, female identities, female expression. A riotous ritual. A chaotic catwalk." ★★★★ - The Stage

"women exploring their real, complicated, multi-faceted, and terrifyingly glorious truths" ★★★★★ - The Scottish Play

and from audience members...

"Loved it - moving, celebratory, and each piece of sound seemed to fit no matter what you listened to"

"I thought it was AMAZING! very layered and multi faceted. I want to see the show more times to listen to all the tracks and find out more"

"Absolutely loved Fault Lines from @2destlang last night - one of the most ingenious and joyful shows I’ve seen in yonks. Five flip-betweenable audio channels, a catwalk, and some very clever, brain bending choreography "

"Super different! I felt open, warm, empowered, confronted, challenged, educated and all the goodies that art invites us to experience"

"ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! I could watch it a million times over. I had no idea what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. The music was great and I loved the multiple messages throughout. AND THE DJ's T-SHIRTS!"

"ALL the feelings. Gut wrenching + laugh out loud which turns in an instant ....themes of power, control but in ways I have never seen on stage before."

two women stride down a catwalk
a woman performs ballet sitting on the floor


Conceived, created, written, designed and directed by Alister Lownie and Katherina Radeva with the performers

sound design by Tim Blazdell

lighting by Marty Langthorne

costume making by Rositza Radeva

BSL consultant Mo McGaritty

Photos by Beth Chalmers

Devised with Cindy Awor, Rachel Glover, Hannah Yahya Hassan, Emmy Lahouel, Welly O'Brien, Emma Jayne Park, Damyana Radeva, Caroline Ryan and Irina Vartopeanu

Workshop collaborators: Hannah Goudie-Hunter, Jaye Kearney, Colly Metcalfe, Emilia Nurmukhametova, Welly O'Brien, Toni-Dee Paul with BSL interpretation by Caroline Ryan and Jenna Johnson

Funded by Creative Scotland

Co-commissioned by Theatre in the Mill, Bradford and Attenborough Arts, Leicester

Remounted in 2022 with support from Platform, Glasgow

Supported by Lancaster Arts, ARC Stockton, Cambridge Junction, Lyth Arts Centre and The Beacon Greenock

with development support from Hull Truck and funding from Arts Council England
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a woman in a child's football top reclines next to a fake palm tree

performance history

1 Feb 2020 at Beacon Arts Centre, 7:30pm - preview 5-6 Feb 2020 in MANIPULATE at Summerhall, Edinburgh, 9pm 8 Feb 2020 at Paisley Arts Centre, Paisley, 7:30pm11 Feb 2020 at Victoria Hall, Selkirk, 7pm13 Feb 2020 at ARC Stockton, 7pm15 Feb 2020 at The Byre, St.Andrews, 7:30pm7 April 2022 at Platform, Glasgow9 April 2022 at Dunoon Burgh Hall19 April 2022 at Traverse, Edinburgh21 April 2022 at Lemon Tree, Aberdeen23 April 2022 at Universal Hall, Findhorn28 April 2022 at Perth Theatre30 April 2022 at Melrose Corn Exchange3-4 May 2022 at Cambridge Junction6 May 2022 at The Civic, Barnsley
a woman with one leg shows off a golden mac on the catwalk