intercultural dialogues in theatrical forms

At the V&A London...

The set and costume designs for Declining Solo are featured in the V&A Museum's Staging Places: UK Design for Performance exhibition in London, now on until 29 March 2020!

Fault Lines

Fault Lines opened in February and will tour again in autumn 2020

Alongside Fault Lines, Katherina is showing new drawings from the making process at Summerhall 1 February- 2 March 2020 -- the exhibition was Guardian Critics' Choice

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We are Two Destination Language, and we're...


whether it's neighbours, someone down the road or someone on the other side of the world, there's lots to learn about ourselves from understanding others.

no two of us are alike, and exploring the differences reveals how we see ourselves - and uncovers what we have in common


our work draws on theatre, live art, dance, music and fine art to create dynamic, visually stimulating experiences

we believe this kind of interdisciplinary work is the future of live performance

award winning

the quality of our work is recognised in lots of ways - by audiences, programmers and critics - but it means a lot to win peer-led recognition like Near Gone's Total Theatre Award for Innovation, Experimentation and Playing with Form


as a charity which supports artists to make great work, it makes sense that we're led by artists.

Alister and Kat are the directors of Two Destination Language, working with a great board of trustees

we're a small team with big ambitions

Alister Lownie and Katherina Radeva (photo by Alma Haser)


we're based in Britain, and tour extensively here, but what we do is inspired by cultures in all the places we visit, make work and share shows with audiences


nothing is for absolutely everybody, but we believe good art connects to everyday life and that's how we approach making work

We also aim to provide additional support, such as BSL, for at least 50% of our touring performances - and try to reach audiences from diverse backgrounds and places

Young audience members at a FLINT event
The Butlers complete their homage to Richard Long at a FLINT event (photo by Alma Haser)


the live theatre event is a collaborative experience, a place and time where people meet

we make our work with exceptional artists

we've presented the work of brilliant artists in our FLINT events

our projects working with people in their own places uncovers and celebrates their value in their community

a charity

helping great art get made and connecting it to audiences is what we do, close to home and in places we visit

we believe nobody does their best work when struggling

you can help support our work by donating

More about us

Katherina Radeva and Alister Lownie share interests in a variety of contemporary performance practices, traversing art and theatre. They formally created Two Destination Language in the summer of 2011 after a year of working together. Associate Artists at ARC Stockton, they create work around the UK and on international residencies. Their projects vary from touring theatre pieces to site-specific experiences and installations, large community projects as well as curating and producing FLINT - a festival of contemporary performance for audiences who don’t normally get to experience that.

Design, live art, movement and drama have their place in both artists’ histories. A belief that live work should have its audience at its core, and that artists should strive to create stimulating experiences for their audiences, is the foundation of their collaborative practice, Two Destination Language.

Community, identity and memory are the ideas which percolate all Two Destination Language work: an interest in boundaries and otherness, belonging and personal history. For the artists, community is a corollary of performative work, and it is a pleasure to share in its exploration. Interculturalism is also important to both artists; Alister’s Scottish heritage and Katherina’s Bulgarian background give them an interest in how cultures interact and develop.

Based in the UK, their work has toured to the USA, Europe, Azerbaijan, Israel and the Ukraine.