From 6 July 2024:

Hope & Ponies

In collaboration with Ukrainian artist Nadia Sokolenko we are making a new work on hope! Part of this project, we invite and welcome your contributions and thoughts about hope-- and in exchange we will send you a gift in the post...

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We're delighted to have been commissioned by Unlimited, with support from the British Council, to create an installation for Wakefield as part of this project. The first stage of this takes place this November: Kat, Alister and Nadia will be in Wakefield taking part in The Art House' Studio of Sanctuary as they start to shape the project.


dancing Joy in defiance of Convention

You can next see our acclaimed joy ride 40/40 in 

Leeds on 13 July 2024 - Tickets are pay what you decide here

28 August at Tanzmesse at FFT Dusseldorf!

If you can't wait and want a little of it now -- get the book -- details here.

★★★★ The Guardian "an exercise in generosity of spirit" Lyndsey Winship 

★★★★ The Scotsman "all about forward motion, about moving on and up, about embracing life" Kelly Apter

★★★★ Corr Blimey " entirely in the moment"

★★★★ The Quintessential Review "a welcome invitation to celebrate the entire messy experience of being a human"

★★★★ All Edinburgh Theatre "joyful inspiration" Alan Wilson

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Borders Together

The Scotland wide remembering together project takes the form of a new tartan in the Scottish borders area which Two destination language were lead artists

Working with communities across The Scottish Borders, we've co-created a new tartan design - Borders Together- which will be seen in community spaces across the area.

Commissioned by greenspace scotland and working across the Scottish Borders, this project will culminate in June 2024. For more information -- click here

Books  - Books - Books

we are so proud to have put these publications together!

We have published four books so far -- FIELD notes, FIELD Scotland on Value, FIELD notes: two and the 40/40 book by Katherina Radeva. 

Each of these publications contain so much insight, click here to find out more  Happy reading!

About us

Two Destination Language makes bold, ambitious, award-winning work about identity and community. We employ innovative artistic forms to cross cultural, social, economic and geographic barriers, celebrating difference and placing the lives of those we work with at the heart of everything we do. Rooted in dialogue and collaboration, we believe in the transformative power of art to change how we see ourselves and the society we share. Our work brings people together in new, unexpected ways, creating shared spaces for reflection and mutual understanding.

Led by Katherina Radeva and Alister Lownie, Two Destination Language's work forms three strands of work - theatre work for stage, community co-creation projects and peer to peer curation and knowledge exchange projects.

Two Destination Language is a registered charity committed to promoting the arts as a vital part of societal wellbeing, challenging populist ideas, reaching audience members from under-represented groups and supporting artists in every way we can.

we are a charity

helping great art get made and connecting it to audiences is what we do, close to home and in places we visit

we believe nobody does their best work when struggling

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