intercultural dialogues in theatrical forms


From March, nothing we had planned for this year will happen in the way we imagined.

As part of our response, we've cooked up the FIELD residencies, supporting freelance performance makers.

This stage is empty. It is here for you to look at and imagine stuff. We are just on the other side. When you are ready, give us a shout.

We are Two Destination Language...

Two Destination Language are Katherina Radeva and Alister Lownie. We make bold award-winning performance work which explores ideas of identity, belonging and boundaries. Our work tours in the UK and internationally. It can be seen on stages in fancy theatres, in village halls, in libraries, in galleries, in parks, along roads, in abandoned shops, in dingy corners.

We work with other award winning creatives and artists to make theatrical experiences which are touching, thought provoking, intellectually stimulating and very visually arresting.

Our projects working with non professional members of the community have been transformative for those involved and for the communities they live in, shared with audiences like any of our other work.

Our curatorial projects take shape in festivals we produce and conversations we undertake. Listening is a key method in our process and inclusion underpins everything we do!

Two Destination Language is an Associate Artist at Arc Stockton and a registered charity committed to promoting the arts and a vital part of societal well being and challenging populist ideas, reaching audience members from under-represented groups and supporting artists in every way we can.

we're a charity

helping great art get made and connecting it to audiences is what we do, close to home and in places we visit

we believe nobody does their best work when struggling

you can help support our work by donating

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