Yellow birdhouse with audience response cards (photo by Alma Haser)

intimate stories of love

Love from the briefest remembered passion to cross-continental journeys with lifelong repercussions.

Love in all its simple magnificent unpredictable messiness.

Working with communities across Britain, LANDED foregrounds the beautiful stories of elders, putting the wisdom and experience they bring centre stage. It’s a piece which values elders by placing them at the centre of a contemporary work.

LANDED is a project about people. About the people who make a place. It’s a very partial portrait: dependent on who we meet, who has time to talk, who is interested in spending time with us.

Join Two Destination Language in an intimate encounter which reveals what love has left, as we glimpse what might have been, once was and is forever gone. Working with performers’ memories of the loves that passed them by, the loves that endured and those that still burn today, each experience is a glimpse of hope and the extraordinary in human nature.

LANDED is a performance for one audience member at a time, in a specially constructed chamber. The experience lasts about 10-15 minutes, and there’s an installation to explore afterwards.

the power to subvert normality

Daily Telegraph

Children filling in audience response cards (photo by Alma Haser)
Elizabeth Swain performing (photo by Alma Haser)

How true were those words to my life and what has happened to me, and how I have met someone new and look forward to a new future!

audience member, Winchester

I told him I loved him. He said nothing. I said that’s that then. I went to get my train to the other end of the country. As I approached the station the sound of running feet. His hand slid into mine. His brown/orange eyes looked at me. We kissed. I boarded the train.

audience member, Bournemouth

Pinning up audience response cards (photo by Alma Haser)
The cast of LANDED in Salisbury (photo by Alma Haser)
An audience member from one of Elland's oldest families (photo by Ali Ford)
Setting up for Landed in Elland


created by Katherina Radeva and Alister Lownie

performers vary

performance history

City Encounters, Salisbury International Arts Festival, Sunday 24th May 2015Eastleigh Unwrapped, Saturday 13th June 2015Ageing Well Festival, Brixham harbour, 3 October 2015Theatre Fest West, Salisbury, 26 March 2016Bournemouth Arts By The Sea Festival, 8 October 2016Winchester Hat Fair 29-30 June 2017Landlines & Watermarks, Happy Birthday Elland, 25 July 2017People’s Fair, Piece Hall, Halifax, 30 September – 1 October 2017
A publication was also commissioned by Calderdale Council as an outcome of work in Elland, summer 2017
Landed cards in Elland