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Kat is a woman (she has been for quite a while now). She is a migrant (since 1999) from the Thracian Valley in Bulgaria. In 2022 (in April, surrounded by family and friends), she turned forty. To celebrate and mark this moment she gave herself the permission to do the one thing she had always wanted- to make a dance solo. Kat has always danced, but she has never before been a dancer. But then, she’s never been 40 before either.

Supported by three brilliant (female) choreographers — Liz Aggiss, Rachel Krische and Lucy Suggate (all over 40, despite appearances) — this show is the result of 40 years of joy and hardship, laughter and tears, super tunes and super moves.


Conceived, created, written, designed and performed by Katherina Radeva

Costume and Headdress maker Rositza Radeva

Movement support Liz Aggiss, Lucy Suggate, Rachel Krische

Stage Manager Louise Charity

Outside eyes Alister Lownie

sound support Tim Blazdell

lighting support Marty Langthorne

photography Garry Cook

Funded by Creative Scotland, with support from Tramway Glasgow and Dance Base Scotland.

a pile of books with pink covers, and ink drawing and hand-written "40/40"

40/40: the book

Alongside the new show, a short publication documenting Katherina's making process is available. Across 48 colour pages (all of them on recycled natural paper), there are texts and drawings giving an insight into the making of a new performance.

Copies are available in the UK only for just £12 inc. p&p

RESPONSES to 40/40

"You must see 40/40 by Two Destination Language - without doubt the most alive, in the moment and reflective show I have seen over the last 10 days. A piece which understands that context is all" - Lyn Gardner, critic

"Congratulations Two Destination Language - 40/40 is a beautiful and unapologetic celebration of self acceptance. Get yourselves along" - Robyn Jancovic-Brown, producer

"40/40 by Katherina Radeva is wholeheartedly one of the most beautiful shows I have seen in a long time. Very considered yet spontaneous at the same time, utterly unapologetic, emotive in all the best ways - highly recommend this beauty of a show" - Ambrose Kelly, PR

"I saw Two Destination Language's 40/40 today and it has stayed with me all day. The kind of work that makes a 'simple' offer but produced so much complexity in the room and in me. Full of labour, vulnerability, pleasure, humour and so much SPACE for me as an audience."- Ira Brand, artist

"It. Is. Bloody. Brilliant." Neil Webb, Head of British Council

Show history

21 May 2022 - Media Factory, UCLAN, Preston, UK

14-21 August 2022 - Zoo Southside main stage, Edinburgh Fringe Festival