Remembering Together: Scottish Borders

Community Creative projects

using the Tartan Together design and the woven tartan, the new fabric will bring communities together across The Scottish Borders in Spring and Summer 2024

1. Go Wild Selkirk: Creative Nature 

In collaboration with the Go Wild Scotland team, Vicky Inam Mohieddeen will lead a series of outdoor creative workshops tailored for Selkirk residents. Through these workshops, participants will engage in deconstructing the elements of the Remembering Together tartan.

2. Dance for Parkinsons: Tartan Ceilidh 

Dance for Parkinson’s are developing a ceilidh-style dance. Accompanied by the lively tunes of a fiddle, the dance will beautifully depict how Borderers navigated the challenges and isolation of the pandemic, eventually rediscovering the joy of dancing hand in hand.

3. Tweed Swimmers: Tartan in the Tweed 

Wild swimmers are invited to join in with three colourful events happening along the River Tweed. Swimmers will recreate the Borders tartan using huge lengths of brightly coloured ribbons in the waters of the river. This will be a creative honouring of what brought people to the water during the pandemic and will be captured and shared in an online photographic gallery.

4. Border Buddies: Memory Book 

Participants will have the opportunity to create their own custom 'Memory Book' with project leader Isabell Buenz. The books will be thoughtfully bound and adorned with the Remembering Together tartan, symbolising resilience and unity. This collaboration is in partnership with 'Borders Buddies', an initiative by 'Outside the Box', dedicated to providing support for individuals who have experienced disconnection from others.

5. Greener Peebles: Growing the Tartan 

‘Growing the Tartan' will draw inspiration from the tartan colours to design raised bed plantings, creating a peaceful, sensory space in the Greener Peebles community garden.

6. LINKS Eyemouth / Outside the Box: LINKS Project

With the support of two local artists, the project will run two sessions with families from their LINKS project, creating simple handmade books, inspired by their experiences during Lockdown and the colours and shapes of the Borders Tartan. They will use collage, paint, drawing materials and printing with ‘found’ objects and stamps. The finished books will be displayed at the community centre.

7. At Birkhill House: Origami Together

At Birkhill House CIC will embark on an interactive origami project that takes inspiration from the Remembering Together tartan whilst also giving participants the chance to add their own personal messages and thoughts to the project.

8. Borders Community Sewing Club: Making Memoires

The Sewing Club will work with local communities in the Borders to create pieces using the Remembering Together tartan. Individual members will be encouraged to research how purposeful objects can be made that will have a lasting legacy - making something useful, beautiful and purposeful.

9. Galashiels Scout Group: Tartan Scout Camp

A two-night Scout camp for young people aged 10-14 with the 'Remembering Together tartan' as the main theme. Camp activities will be linked to the processes of producing yarn and weaving.

10. Crafts 4 U: Memories quilt and craft exhibition.

Crafts4U in Walkerburn will be create a memories quilt from the new Remembering Together tartan. The quilt will be shown at a craft exhibition in Innerleithen this October.

Tartan together

We are delighted to share the final design for the Borders' new tartan, chosen by over 60% of those voting in December.

Since the project began last autumn, over 700 contributions have helped shape the decision to create a new tartan, and what that looks like. These resulted in two designs which draw on the experiences Borderers shared and the particular colour and design ideas they contributed -- and on which Borderers voted at the end of 2023.

Many people spoke about Borders landscapes: the sea, rivers, lochs and reservoirs; the brilliant skies of 2020’s spring and summer; and the brightness of gorse, broom, heather and forests.

There were references to the uniforms of health and care workers, the masks and warning signs of the pandemic.

Emotionally, people shared loss and grief, while others spoke of hope and new-forged community. The challenges of isolation came up often, not just for those living alone but also for those who gave birth or experienced other milestones they couldn’t share. Guilt came up often, too, as people wished they had been able to do more.

The design draws on colour combinations selected by contributors, and the meaning of those will be different for each person. It incorporates a reference to the five localities of the Borders, because so many people wanted the tartan to be something that joins us across the region.

Personal projects

The design will be available for anyone to use. You could make a scarf to thank a friend for their support, or a group might make badges or ribbons which mark a person or event significant to them.

If you want to be kept informed once the design is ready...

torn asunder

The new tartan design will be woven into a length of fabric at a Borders mill, and pieces distributed to festivals, village halls and community spaces across the Borders. These are lasting markers of the full range of events and emotions which people experienced, set in the places and events where communities gather.

local projects

There will be creative projects across the Borders which use the new design in some way. These will encourage playful use of the tartan, help embed it across Borders communities, and reach more people.

Remembering Together: the Scottish Borders is commissioned by greenspace scotland with funding from Scottish Government