Hope & Ponies

a factory of hope

Hope & Ponies is new work exploring hope and resilience. It takes the form of an installation and film.

We've been exploring hope with people from across the UK, and making banners which give concrete form to their hopes, whether fleeting or longstanding, practically simple or entangled in political complexities. Join us to recharge your own store of hope, reflect, and contribute.

Experience it


6 July - Hope & Ponies Takeover in Tramway, Glasgow - see a few of the banners and help us make more - info

10 July - 22 August - Pontefract Library Wakefield - see 12 banners with words by local people 

1- 17 August - Upper Gallery, Tramway - in association with  Govan Hill Baths Canival 

8 September - Southbank Centre, as part of the Unlimited Festival - see the banners activate The Clore Ballroom and help us make more - info

12 September - 22 November - you will see four different banners in each of these libraries -- Wakefield One, Horbury Library, Hemsworth Library

14 November - January 2025 - Unlimited Headquarters, WX Wakefield - the 12 Wakefield banners re-united for the festive season

This year (2024) we're creating a new work on hope in collaboration with Ukrainian artist Nadia Sokolenko. Recognising that hope fuels us all, but often needs fuel, we're focused on building hope and making it visible.

Hope is often slippery, evading our efforts to hold onto it, to retain it within ourselves. And hope is a fragile foundation to build upon. Unlike faith, it does not have a counterpart external to ourselves. It is related to (warning: pandemic buzzword…) resilience and determination, but hope lies beneath, feeding those. Hope is an acknowledgement of the uncertainty which pervades our lives, and of our ability to commit despite uncertainty (to a person, to a cause, to enduring seemingly unending suffering). 

Recognising that hope can be fragile, and can be powered by resolute determination, we're sharing hopes through an installation which invites visitors to spend time with other people's hopes, to reflect and recharge, and to contribute their thoughts — which may become part of the growing installation.

a woman in a denim dress and red shoes stands in front of a lapped wooden wall waving a banner with the words hope and ponies above bunting and piecework pictures of ponies

Initial concept development supported by Scottish Sculpture Workshop and Theatre in the Mill, Bradford

Development supported by Creative Scotland with BIRCA.

A location-based iteration of this project, Hope in Wakefield, is an Unlimited commission in partnership with The Art House and British Council. It will be seen across the Wakefield District as part of Our Year 2024.