Lone Wolves

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Lone Wolves is at JUST START HERE, National Theatre Scotland's festival in Dumfries

28-29 Feb 2020

Lone Wolves explores ideas on agency & representations of identity.

It is an act which foregrounds power, invisibility and hypervisibility.

It plays with the invisibility of (often migrant) cleaners in institutional spaces, despite our dependence on them.

It is an act of cleaning, of cleansing, of tribute. A sacred act.

Beginning with a utilitarian uniform which almost erases its wearer, despite the trolley of tools she pushes, the performer cleans, dances and plays with layers of clothing like rejected identities to explore inherited & adopted selves.

The completed work is imagined as one which can be 'found' in contexts including festivals, museums, government buildings, and municipal facilities. Each performance will be filmed using CCTV cameras and streamed live or later to a to a gallery site where the video runs alongside the live act.

Lone Wolves is a Theatre in the Mill seed commission, supported by National Theatre Scotland and The Point