My Land Your Land

My Land Your Land premiered at the acclaimed Edinburgh International Children's Festival 29 May - 6th June 2021

MY LAND YOUR LAND (2021) is an audio work about home foregrounding young people's voices from migrant background.

What do you think when you think of home? Is it the place you keep your clothes? A place to sleep? Is it the place your mum and dad lives? Is it somewhere your friends can visit? Or it is far away, a place you came from once? A place you visit only in holidays? A place you barely know, and where they speak another language? We are sharing stories of home from young people who live across Scotland and whose families came here from other countries. Join us on this audio journey of young people voice of home

Co-commissioned by Imaginate and in partnership with the Bulgarian Cultural and Education Centre Scotland

MY LAND YOUR LAND is made with young people with Bulgarian heritage who currently live across southern Scotland - Giana (5), Tzvetan (5), Sasho (6), Tiaraphin (6), Sandy (6), Isabel(7), Viktor (8), Gabi (8), Vasil-Persian (9), Amelia (12), Pavel (15), Magnus (16).

Created by Katherina Radeva and Alister Lownie /// Music by Tim Blazdell

A participant, her mother and grandmother listening to My Land Your Land on a bench
The feet of audience members gathered to begin listening to My Land Your Land
A wooden booth shaped like half a house, part of My Land Your Land