Of Time and Place

a portrait of Great Britain through its rural people

Jemma and Connie from Eyemouth sit for a portrait, surrounded by flowers

Our lead artists, Katherina and Alister, live in a rural place, and have done throughout their time working together. They've embarked on a multi-year project which takes them away from home, to meet people in rural communities across Britain. They're finding out what home means for people, and how they've come to live in the place they call home.

Some stories are about love. Some are about work. Some people have built their homes carefully over long periods, shaping a place filled with meaning. For others, home has come about through a series of accidents, or is something new.

In each place we visit, we make a series of moving image portraits with people we meet, and share these at the end of our stay in a community event with food and drink: a celebration of the place and its people.

Julie from Eyemouth sits for a portrait, on a log by a riverbank

In developing this work, we've worked in coastal Berwickshire, and in North Yorkshire. Across the coming years, we'll be working in many more places to meet people who reflect the diversity of people in the many different rural communities of Britain.

To find out more about the project, and opportunities to support it financially or to exhibit sets of portraits for audiences, get in touch.