Kitty has no pity - the art of not giving up

Audience joining Kitty in Manchester

unfulfilled childhood dreams

Kitty has no pity- the art of not giving up is a show offering fantastic fun, gaming and group keep-fit exercises whilst fulfilling unfulfilled childhood dreams.

I remember I must have been about four. I remember running down the street at one hundred miles an hour. I remember falling down at the bottom of the street. I remember my knees bleeding. I remember it did not hurt after a while.

The starting point for Kitty has no pity – the art of not giving up was Katherina’s childhood desire to be a rhythm gymnast. 

Kitty is fun, demanding, bizarre, sexy, outrageous, a bit cheap and above all very, very brave. Kitty, like a gymnast, does one movement very well: she hula hoops. Not just hula hooping, but continuing to hoop for unlimited time, dancing while she hoops, Kitty transfers her skills and enthusiasm to a joyous participating audience.

Kitty is your exercise instructor dressed in some seriously kitsch gear and accepting nothing but your full attention and commitment to the games. She teaches you how not to to give up, she pushes you to a bit of a physical limit and she is your opportunity not only to exercise your booty, but your attitude too.

Kitty has no pity– the art of not giving up looks at all those lost childhood (and childish) moments of playful learning, exercising and gaming. Throwing caution to the wind this show encourages all ages and sexes to take to the hoop and other such like games.

In the second part of the piece Kitty encourages her audience to sit and rest, like in a yoga session. She tells them her story of how her dream to be a rhythm gymnast was once shattered whilst continuously hooping.

Using silly objects from big hula hoops, to finger hoops, party blowouts, balls, badminton, skipping ropes and other such like, Kitty takes you on a fun 45 minutes of childish play where you better keep up, otherwise she will have no pity!

a bizarre exercise class that feels delightfully reminiscent of a children’s party

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Audience member hula hooping on one arm in Manchester
Multiple audience members with hula hoops

Kitty breaks the boundaries between social status, class, gender and race – doing it so effortlessly

Dr Outi Remes -Director at New Ashgate Gallery and Adjunct Associate Professor in History of Art and Visual Culture at Richmond, the American International University, London.

Kitty leads breathing exercises to prepare
Hula hoops
Woman hula hooping (drawing by Katherina Radeva)


created and performed by Katherina Radeva

additional performers vary

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South Hill Park, ReadingLONDONMANCHESTERAshley Wood Farm