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Producing our work

Our lead artists Alister, wearing an orange tartan suit, and Katherina, wearing a pink suit, smile at the camera

Hello! It’s lovely that you’re interested in the opportunity to work with us.

We, Katherina and Alister, have been working together for over a decade, leading the charity’s work. Our work has been seen on stages across the UK (mainly Scotland and England, although we’ve toured to all four nations) and internationally, in festivals, in galleries, in disused shops, and in museums. We’ve worked for many years with co-creation in various ways to create projects with non-professional creatives. And our sector support has included a variety of FIELD residencies, both entirely independent and in collaboration with organisations.

We have plans for some exciting projects in the coming years, and need somebody with experience and ambition to join us and be part of the team in order to help make those a reality.

Somebody who can dream with us, understand what those dreams need, and use their knowledge and networks to ambitiously progress towards our goals.
Somebody who wants to share the responsibility.
Somebody who has our backs.
Somebody to celebrate with us.
Somebody with a track record of collaborating with artists working across the UK (and, ideally, internationally too).
Somebody calm, hard-working, confident and comfortable working both independently and collaboratively.

The main responsibilities are around fundraising for our programme, and around building the partnerships which can help us deliver our projects and reach audiences -- conceiving opportunities and securing them. There will also be company policies, procedures and action plans to update, as opportunities are realised and plans implemented. It’s the work of an Executive Producer, and if it’s successful (particularly around the fundraising) then that might be a role you’re interested in continuing in -- although we know you might just be looking for something temporary. It will require understanding and experience of the interdisciplinary contexts in which we work.


We’re flexible about how it happens: you might have a portfolio of work that means we’re taking a couple of days a week for the rest of 2024. You might want to dig in and get most of it done straight off the bat. You might be looking to work part-time alongside personal commitments, spread across an unpredictable timetable. You will be mainly working from your own base with regular meetings with Katherina and Alister.

We’ve got up to £15,000 for this freelance work in 2024.

Get in touch

To put yourself forward, just write a one-page letter explaining why you’d like to work with us on this and what time you’d dedicate to Two Destination Language, with a link to your website or CV and two referees we can contact. Send it to producing@twodestinationlanguage.com by 29th February, using the subject line ‘Producing proposal’. If you’d prefer to apply by video or audio, that’s fine -- just send us a link to your recording.

In the meantime, we are available to answer any questions by email – please be aware it may take us three or so days to get back to you.