FLINTnight: The Point Eastleigh

Karla Shacklock's Buttercup30th October 2013- We’re delighted to bring the work of three southwest based artists to The Point Eastleigh (where we’re Associate Artists) as part of our FLINT project.

We’ve chosen three succulent shows – a tasting menu set to leave you more than satisfied.

For the main course, powerhouse redhead Karla Shacklock dances a story of hope that’s adrenaline for the soul. Dessert is a series of volcanic eruptions from Clerke & Joy, working with a Southampton-based vulcanologist. And for the starter? Low Profile have a series of tantalising amuse-bouche to put a smile on your face.

You can book for FLINT at The Point Eastleigh here.

Karla Shacklock is a dance artist based at The Dance Hub in Bristol. We loved her work when we first saw it in a development showing, because she creates such powerful visual images and combines them with a personal story.

clerkeandjoyvolcanoClerke & Joy come from Falmouth, where they both studied. They’re a really young company, and they’ve got a lovely way of taking an idea and riffing with it in a playful way that makes you remember why you love theatre. Volcano encompasses love, loneliness, lava and laughter.





The Plymouth-based Low Profile is a collaboration between Hannah Jones and Rachael Dobbs, who have worked together since 2003. The pair can get a bit obsessive about things from everyday life. And they take this to some pretty crazy extremes as they pursue an interest in being prepared, not giving up, and trying the impossible. Fun.

collaborative performance from Katherina Radeva and Alister Lownie