A Journey of a Home (online)

Hello! How are you?

While theatres are closed, we are inviting you to experience one of the first pieces we made -- back in the day when the world looked different, when you and we were younger.

A Journey of a Home (online) is a 20 minute audio piece about home, migration and the nature of travel. Two Destination Language invite you to listen to the piece on your daily walk.

Originally made in 2012 and commissioned by Chester Performs (now Storyhouse) with hÅb Manchester, A Journey of a Home was a one on one guided audio performance walk designed especially for each location and presenting partner.


This player streams the audio, but you can also find the Journeys podcast and download on your normal podcast player for when you don't have an internet connection.

Packing your luggage

To do A Journey of a Home (online), you will need

  • your phone
  • headphones are best
  • your shoes on your feet
  • Appropriate protection: a coat if it’s raining, sunscreen if it’s hot.
  • Care when crossing the road!

If inside, make yourself comfortable. Being able to look out the window might be best. If you're outside, find yourself a place to pause as you begin to listen: instructions for joining us are in the recording.

When you're ready to start, just press play.

At the end, if you wish, tweet or facebook us @2destlang to tell us how it was, what it made you think of, what happened, or about your journey. If you want to join the collection of journeys people have shared in response to the work, email Kat your drawing or writing.

We hope you enjoy it. Much love, Kat and Alister x


If you use BSL or captions, this video lets you experience the work. It features Caroline Ryan, and was filmed following social distancing guidelines at Hadrian’s Wall.

We don't recommend you go for a walk while watching!

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If you want to enquire about presenting the live version of A Journey of a Home, please email producing@twodestinationlanguage.com