On Value: FIELD 2021

FIELD 2021: On Value is a conversational residency for creatives in the north of England, designed to create space to talk, reflect, listen and be listened to. It is artist-led and part of our ongoing conversational practice.

Participants are drawn from across performance-related arts practices, the geography of the north, lived experience and heritage. We come together in a spirit of curiosity and discovery, to forge ideas for creative futures, with care and kindness.

The residency takes place 6th-17th September, at East St Arts in Leeds and online.

Participants in the residency are: Afidi Nomo, Dan Goodman, Dawn Woolley, Hannah Butterfield, Humira Imtiaz, Jennifer McMillan, Laura Lulika, Lora Krasteva, Luke Beech, Lydia Catterall and Rachel Krische.

Each day, we're joined by people working at NPOs who are interested in the topics of our discussions.

This residency, the topics are:

Mon 6th: Rest, Recovery, Self-care, Wellbeing: burn-out; time to recover, rest, a culture of care and wellbeing; the value of reflection; artistic familiarity with loss, grief, renewal, recycling, trying again, precarity; resilience; working patterns; bodies, body cycles; 'broken bodies'

Tue 7th: Belonging: our place in the ecology; finding your buzz; hive identity; creative community; place; being identified by one's practice; sustaining the people in your collaborative networks

Wed 8th: The Value of Culture: what is the value of culture? Interrogating 'value'; economic and civic benefit; who values the arts and how; believing in the value of culture; differing values (institutions, ourselves, viewers); what is value (and who for)?; what do we mean by culture?

Thu 9th: Money: rewarding kindness; financial turnover; day rates; how to value energy of self and others; careers and career paths

Fri 10th: System change - centring the margins: our responsibility as artists; how we navigate institutions; power dynamics; crip-time; sick time; marketisation of art and artists; maintaining integrity; acknowledging difference; agency and voice; anger and loss as productive forces; restraint and resilience; who benefits; economies of personal interactions


Mon 13th: The Body: embodied knowledge as embodied wealth; the relationship between self, body and work; performing in your work; valuing the body; valuing instinct over rationality

Tue 14th: Validation: ethical, moral and financial validation; does the cultural sector embody its values? Self-esteem: valuing ourselves

Wed 15th: Liveness: the value of artistic encounters: physical, digital, bodily, personal; mediated liveness captured for later consumption; documentation; accessible performance art beyond the pandemic

Thu 16th: Hierarchies of Class & Art: Class as embodied memory/history; the value of humour; mainstream culture and contemporary art; who values what; art hierarchies; what does working-class performance artist mean?

Fri 17th: Who We Need To Be: imagining futures; taking time to ask different questions of ourselves; not what we need to do; how to change the world through the art we make; how to stand in your truth

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This project was made possible thanks to public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England, partnership support from East St Arts, and support from ARC Stockton, BALTIC, Lancaster Arts, Leeds 2023, Theatre in the Mill (Bradford) and Unlimited.