FIELD Scotland

here we go...

FIELD is an online residency designed to create space to talk, reflect, listen and be listened to. It is part of our ongoing conversational practice.

The artists taking part in Field Scotland are Jenna Watt, Emily Nicholl, Raman Mundair, Sanjay Lago, Katharine Williams, Jassy Earl, Alice Allen, Heather Fulton, Jessica Raam, Leonor Estrade Francke, Heather Marshall and Ellen Renton.

On occasions, we will be joined by Julie Ellen (Macrobert), LJ Findlay Walsh (Tramway), Dominic Hill (Citz Theatre), Sara Johnstone (Workroom), Lucy McGlennon (Eden Court), Fiona Ferguson (Imaginate), Ruth McEwan and Gareth Nocholls (Traverse Theatre), Karl Jay Lewin (Dance North), Liam Sinclair, Andrew Panton and Jess Thorpe (Dundee Rep and Scottish Dance Theatre), Mhari Robinson (Independent Arts Projects), Gill Robertson (Catherine Wheels)

The conversational topics are:

Monday 15 March: care - wellbeing

Tuesday 16 March: environment- ecology

Wednesday 17 March: the language and practice of inclusion - elitism - access

Thursday 18 March: digital-liveness

Friday 19 March: money- capitalism

Monday 22 March: products - outputs - ethics - art

Tuesday 23 March: community - communities - outreach - rural - belonging

Wednesday 24 March: power - leadership - institutions - structures

Thursday 25 March: facilitating change - making change - supporting change

Friday 26 March: imagine...


In 2021, we will be focusing on value. This theme is an overarching umbrella under which this project sits. The individual conversations are directed by the interests of the participants. You can interpret the theme as broadly as you like -- but it definitely includes questions around:

  • how culture and the arts are valued

  • the relative value of differing roles within our sector (and its relation to pay)

  • what makes you feel valued -- and what makes you feel you aren't

  • the impact of the pandemic on what you value, or what society appears to value

  • interrogating the meaning of value itself

  • what you value in your practice, and how to protect/nurture/sustain that

  • the economics of the performing arts from a variety of perspectives

  • self-esteem: valuing ourselves

  • whether/how far/when the culture sector embodies its values?

  • ...the theme is just a way of threading our conversations together, and more tangential approaches are also welcome!

This project was made possible thanks to public funding from the National Lottery through Creative Scotland, with additional support from Macrobert Arts Centre, Tramway, Imaginate, Workroom, Eden Court and Red Bridge Arts.

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