FIELD residency

the FIELD notes publication

We are really pleased to have created this little beauty! It's full of ideas and hopes. It is raw, it speaks of truths and it is full of possibilities.

Edited by Alister Lownie

Visual language and illustrations by Katherina Radeva

Contributions by Lisette Auton, Emma Beverley, Umar Butt, Kate Craddock, Brendan Curtis, Emma Geraghty, Adam York Gregory, Ellie Harrison, Katie Hickman, Lady Kitt, Alister Lownie, Krissi Musiol, Toni-Dee Paul, Katherina Radeva, Chloe Smith, Hannah Sullivan, Jo Verrent, Rich Warburton and Ben Wright.

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"Field notes fell into my lap when I needed it most. Full of beauty and pain and practicality this collection of works is a brilliant look at the arts and the lives of artists working right now" -Emmy Lahouel artist

"Field and Field notes is one of the best things to come out of this pandemic" -Jo Verrent, Unlimited

"Field notes is a beautiful book, for the way it looks, the quality of the writing, and the way it was made. But it is also beautiful because it is useful. Its contributors offer generous insights into how artists make work now, but also how artists might make work in the future; with openness, care and an eye on the horizon" - Philip Stanier academic at University of Winchester UK

conversation | community

FIELD took place online as a conversational residency between 15 and 26 June 2020.

The people that took part are Lisette Auton, Umar Butt, Brendan Curtis, Emma Geraghty, Adam York Gregory, Ellie Harrison, Lady Kitt, Alister Lownie, Krissi Musiol, Toni-Dee Paul, Katherina Radeva, Chloë Smith, Hannah Sullivan and Ben Wright.

They were joined on occasions by Stuart Allen, Emma Beverley, Kate Craddock, Katie Hickman, Kevin Jamieson, Daniel Mitchelson, Jo Verrent, Rachael Walton and Rich Warburton.

We talked about specific scheduled topics and so much more, creating a gorgeous community of people and ideas in the midst of a global pandemic.

On the last day, we each shared suggestions, ideas, possibilities and futures. You can watch the video recording here! They are not exhaustive, these are beginnings - although they build on years of experience and histories, so perhaps they are part of a continuum. They demand your attention and action!

This project was only made possible thanks to public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England.