FIELD residency

FIELD is an online residency designed to create space to talk, reflect, listen and be listened to. It is part of our ongoing conversational practice.

You may feel, right now, that you don't have the answers.

You may feel, right now, that the global reset to cultural practices is the opportunity you've been waiting for.

You may be desperate, delicate, frightened, disappointed, frustrated, confused, uncertain. You may be confident, ambitious, bursting with ideas, raring to go, enthusiastic.

You may be some or all of these things, from time to time, or something else entirely.

We think it's time to talk about the future, to think about the place of independent artists and companies in the landscape.

That place has never been an easy one, and it's become harder in recent years. These conversations are about the place in the landscape we want to occupy and who our partners in that will be. About reaching our artistic goals while being able to earn a living. About what you want it to be about.

This, then, is a chance to take some time to think about the future. Your future.

two chairs on a stage, with text reading What you see here is exactly what you are going to get.
a line of figures watch a stage, with text reading watch this space

the offer

We are offering ten freelance creative practitioners in the performing arts £1,000 each to take part in an online conversational residency. This money is to support your time thinking about your future, participating in and responding to the conversations.

  • The residency will take place 15th-26th June 2020.
  • It's not every day or all day, but a series of online conversations across this period and the chance to dedicate some of your time to reflecting on what the future looks like for you.
  • In each of the two weeks, we'll have a few drop-in coffee chats, plus a series of curated discussions on topics relevant to you. There may be some additional conversations that you want to observe. Only a couple of sessions are likely to involve everyone: most will be just 4-6 participants. Kat and Alister from Two Destination Language will host all the conversations.
  • We will create a publication bringing together thoughts on the topics discussed, and we'll ask you to contribute some writing on an agreed topic, in a form that suits you.
  • Prior to the residency, we'll have a conversation to discuss further the topics you'd like to cover and help plan the sessions.
  • Participants must be based in the north of England.

We're also inviting 10 participants already paid for their work (like NPO staff) to take part too.


Each conversation runs from 2-4pm, by invitation.

Monday 15th June: Care, wellbeing, kindness

Tuesday 15th June: Transition and flux - change, moving, time, art in a time of social change

Wednesday 16th June: Northernism, place

Thursday 17th June: The relationship of artist to work -- autobiography, entitlement, disenfrachisement, commercialised trauma

Friday 18th June: Sustainable practice: producing, site-based work, community, rural places

Monday 22nd June: Radical anti-capitalism, anger, ambition, queerness

Tuesday 23rd June: Environment, form, digital, community

Wednesday 24th June: Collaborative creative intimacies

Thursday 25th June: Raising independent voices

Friday 26th June: The future of live performance, adapting without compromise

This project was only made possible thanks to public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England.