Two Destination Language

Two Destination Language is Alister Lownie and Katherina Radeva. Artists based in the south west of England, they make striking work about identity, community and boundaries. Appealing to a wide audience, they consider how to match form to the content of their piece, making installations, curating conversations and touring to theatre spaces.

As a Bulgarian and a Scot working in England, ideas about difference and belonging are often at the heart of their work, which is influenced by a variety of performance and fine art disciplines. Resident Company at Salisbury Arts Centre, they are also supported artists at The Point, Eastleigh.

Both Katherina and Alister also teach at a variety of levels in education, sit on the boards of regional arts agencies and produce and program a small contemporary interdisciplinary festival, FLINT, in their area.


Alister Lownie: +44 7786 911954, alister [at]

Katherina Radeva: +44 7790 402521, kat [at]

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Near Gone

Duration: 60 minutes Number of people on road: 2
Freight: Excess baggage

Hundreds of fresh carnations are neatly bunched at the sides of a stage. Two performers arrive, with a difficult story to tell. Speaking in Bulgarian, Katherina tells of an accident which almost killed her younger sister. As Alister translates the story into English, the relationship between the two gradually emerges. When it all gets too much, there’s dancing to fantastic gypsy-style music, as the flowers are strewn across the floor, broken and trampled.

Winner of the inaugural Pulse Suitcase Prize, Near Gone really packs a punch with its storm of emotion, in a journey of love and hope.

A Colchester Arts Centre commission. Development supported by Arts Council England.


Duration: 80 minutes Number of people on road: 3
Freight: by negotiation
Freight notes: it may be cost-effective to build set and source props locally; costume is excess baggage only

Alister has a DIY building project, Kat plays vinyl records, and stories emerge which provide the co-ordinates for playing with gender roles, expectations about work, and the distance between ambition and reality.


Duration: Durational Number of people on road: 2
Freight: Freight
Freight description:
Shipping container – domestic contents
A durational installation of the content of the artists’ living room (using their own real possessions) is recreated on site – and each of the items is priced, taking into account its significance to them.The duo inhabit the space, and audience members can browse through their possessions, asking about the history of each one. These conversations, over a cup of tea, provoke discussion of value in a variety of forms, and audience members (who can stay for any length of time) choose whether they wish to deprive us of items by purchasing them.Get-in/out is two days.

A Journey of a Home

Duration: 18 minutes Number of people on road: 2
Freight: None
Freight notes:
Set (simple fairground-style wooden booth) built by presenter.
Audience members listen to recorded audio while a performer holds their hand to guide them (one on one) along a gentle walk.The audio tells the story of a young woman’s first arrival in the UK, interspersed with reflections on the nature of travel. At the conclusion of the journey, audience members are invited to share on a postcard a journey of their own — and these cards create an installation around the booth from which journeys begin, which those who have not been on the Journey can also enjoy and add to.The experience is gentle, meditative and touching; migrants often end their Journey with a heartfelt hug as they experience a deep recognition.

Wrap-around work

  • With experience tailoring workshops for children, young adults, university students and fellow professionals, Two Destination Language workshops explore areas including scenography as a starting point, dramaturgy of audience experience or autobiography.
  • Post-performance discussions, Q&As
  • Talks and panel discussions

Press Comments and Testimonials

“Two Destination Language weave layered storytelling with poetic image making to build their beguiling, non- linear and at times very funny story(that melts into fiery dance when words fail) making expert use of their delightfully ” opposites attract” characters, the duo gently contrasts very different European cultures without coming close to cliché. A human tale told with great passion, humour and delicacy. Their work appeals to theatre, dance, storytelling, and the visual arts dance alike. This couple on and off stage ignore the traditional boundaries, for they are skilled in many.”
—Louise Moyes, Festival of New Dance, Newfoundland

“The best live performance I’ve seen in years”
— Geraldine Pilgrim on Near Gone

“a poetic, beautifully crafted tale”, “visceral, edgy and alive”
—Leamington Spa Courier on Near Gone

beautiful and somehow devastating”, “unusual and impressive”
—Exeunt on Near Gone