3 May – Breaking Bread: On Otherness.

We invite you to take a seat at the table, so that together we may begin an attempt at redefining belonging and otherness. In the spirit of embracing the multiplicity, complexity and in-between-ness of our identities, Two Destination Language are working with artist Leo Burtin and producer Alice Booth to host an event that is neither a working lunch, nor a symposium, nor a performance. Though it may be all of these things.

Taking place on 3rd May at Lancaster Arts (LICA Building), the event will revolve around sharing food and feature gentle interventions by guest artists selected from Two Destination Language’s conversations. Each element is flavoured by the identity and practice of the participant artists. The interventions will be stimuli for conversation with neighbours as you eat, reflecting on the themes of the day, and there will be space to record responses for sharing beyond the room.

More details here; or book with Lancaster Arts.

Friday 25th May, Teszt, Romania: Near Gone

The next tour of our work is planned for autumn 2018.

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