Fallen Fruit

cpt, London, 27 October
Stockton Riverside, 22 November

Selected for the Guardian’s “best shows in the Edinburgh Festival 2018”

“Back there, back then, I had it all!” In 1989, as the Berlin Wall splits open, a young girl looks forward to life beyond communism, a couple unravels, and 80s TV permeates everything.

A story of love, breaking free and Europe, from Total Theatre Award winners Two Destination Language.

In 2019, Britain leaves the EU while across Europe people celebrate the 30th anniversary of the end of the Cold War. Fallen Fruit foregrounds a unique migrant voice born in communist Bulgaria.


Responses to the work

“Fallen Fruit is a gem of a small-scale show. The writing is emotional without being overtly emotive, coming from a truthful place and putting into sharp perspective the issues of borders, the design is beautiful and the performance by Katherina Radeva is exceptional.” Sarah Brigham, Director, Derby Theatre

“An absolute joy to watch – visually rich, a fantastic story told with charm, insight and wit. The audience at Colchester Arts Centre were enthralled and delighted throughout. I’ve already cleared my diary in anticipation of the next show!” Anthony Roberts, Director Colchester Arts Centre

“Katherina is a performance artist with a story to tell and a journey to share. Fallen Fruit is quirky, engaging and draws you in, inviting you to consider the tiny stories thrown up by momentous social and political shifts.” Deryck Newland, Director Dance South West

“The challenge for the audience watching Fallen Fruit is not to decide which side of the wall you can believe in, but how you come to reconcile the shifting landscape of every day. Here, amid the construction and deconstruction of the building block set, even something as straight forward as ABC will take on a new meaning.” Mary Paterson- writer

“Formally inventive, incisively written and dynamically performed.” CJ Mitchell, Director Live Art Development Agency


Performance history

11th February 2012- ICIA University of Bath (Premiere)
18th April 2012- Colchester Arts Centre
3rd May 2012- Salisbury Arts Centre
8th June 2012- Z Arts, Manchester at part of Word of Warning series
6th December 2012- The Capstone, Hope University, Liverpool
26th February 2013- The Point, Eastleigh
23 June 2018 – Horncliffe Memorial Hall
27 June 2018 – NRTF Showcase, Worcester
21 July 2018 – Departure Lounge (Derby Theatre),
1-26 August 2018 – Summerhall

Supported by Arts Council England, ICIA University of Bath, Escalator Live Art and Trestle Arts Base