Storyville is an inhabited installation. The artists transplant their living room to the performance site; all their possessions are priced according to the subjective value the artists have placed on them — and all are available for sale as the artists hold an ‘open house’ and invite visitors to share a cup of tea and a chat.

Visitors can browse, discuss the history of items, share stories of their own with the artists, and reflect on how value is created and in what ways it is shared. At the same time, they can choose to acquire objects, depriving the artists of personal possessions with meaningful histories. Our books, music collections, journals, clothes and childhood toys — the accumulated objects that make our pasts — create an installation that is both personal and universal, while the shape of each encounter is dictated by the audience.

Commissioned for an empty shop in Chester  by Chester Performs, as part of Rogues Galleries. We recorded some information about almost all our sales (we couldn’t keep up with all the conversations we had), on our blog here! There were also media appearances on Sky News and BBC Radio Merseyside plus review blogs here and here.

The work remains available; for more information, contact us.

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