18 November: Corsham

On Sunday 18th November, FLINT microfest at The Pound, Corsham includes the following program of work. Tickets for the whole day are £15 (concessions £12) and you can also attend work in Salisbury on Saturday 17th with a £20 weekend pass. You can see as much or as little work as you like for the price of just one ticket!

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Booking: Click here or call 01249 701628

Click for directions to The Pound – if you plan to travel by train, note that on the morning of Sunday 18 November there are rail works planned which affect trains to Chippenham, and you may find it easier to travel to Bath and take a bus or taxi from there.

Sunday 18 November, The Pound, Corsham

Bram Thomas Arnold & Eleanor Wynne Davis: A Belgian Transect

A Belgian Transect captures the trace of a 200km journey and draws the audience into the space between two artists who walked together through Belgium; noting, looking, listening, camping, playing and performing together and alone, as they went.
This immersive performance installation, weaving recordings of improvised field performances with scored music, text, sound and image is awash with hi-tech and lo-fi. The artists invite the audience into a place they’ve never been; a recently beaten path across the Flemish landscape and its grittier suburbs; lost between the romantic and the melancholic, the mundane and the sublime.

Bram Thomas Arnold started with walking, Eleanor Wynne Davis started with music. They met whilst studying Arts & Ecology at Dartington College of Art in 2006.
Their film Explaining Power to a Pipeline has been shown widely in the UK and St Petersburg, Russia, They are co-founders of The Mobile Institute and run a collaborative residency Place Exploration at the Cylinders Estate , Lake District and have just returned from walking across Belgium as part of Sideways 2012.

The Butlers: Wessex Flint Line (a tempo)

Two immaculately dressed Butlers – Messrs. Fletcher and Thompson – are spending the two days of the Flint microfest walking a line across Wiltshire between Salisbury and Corsham, armed with Victorian maps and traditional measuring equipment to record their progress as they go. Follow their journey at the Flint venues in the company of the more sedentary but equally immaculate Edgar the Butler, or join them on the road in their perambulations – either in person or via @WeAreButlers.

The Butlers are a group of relational performers who have been delighting and disarming people far and wide for the last seven years with their altruistic offers of service. Immaculately dressed, staunchly polite and resolutely gentle, they work to place the moment of encounter – whether it be with a person, an object or a landscape – at the heart of the performance event. Their quiet commitment to their calling has been recognised in 2012 with a Total Theatre Award
nomination. The Butlers are an ARTIFICE construction.

Tamar Daly: De-code This

From the Morse Code to the smiley face…

Sitting in her Victorian Mansion a woman searches for a message from her secret lover in the personal column of the Times. In parallel another woman is clutching her mobile phone agonising on whether to sign off with a kiss. Will he be getting the wrong message? xxx

Tamar Daly is an independent dance artist who combines movement and text to explore modern age absurdities. She has shown work in venues and festivals such as the International Solo-Tanz-Theatre Festival in Stuttgart, Point Ephemere in Paris, 3BisF in Aix en-Provence, Yma in Mezin (France), and Suzanne Dellal Centre and Nisui Kelim festival in Tel-Aviv. She is a member of the Karavan Ensemble, based in Brighton, and is an MA graduate of Chichester University.

Hunt & Darton Cafe

Hunt & Darton Cafe is a pop-up café and interactive art installation; a social and artistic hub where engagement, spontaneity and performance meet great food and drink.

All encompassing hosts Hunt & Darton expose the inner workings of their business by presenting everything as art.

Serving food like Battenberg cakes, fondant fancies and the signature roast dinner sandwich. Whether seeking surprising art or a relaxing place to spend the afternoon, Hunt & Darton Cafe satisfies appetites in more ways than one.

Hunt & Darton is a live art collaboration between Jenny Hunt and Holly Darton. Having met at Central Saint Martin’s, Hunt & Darton have been collaborating for the past five years.

Hunt & Darton work with spoken word, movement, sound and installation. Their work comes out of a shared interest in what it means to be human. They make work about common problems, embarrassment, human behavior, love, life and art. They tend towards the deadpan and the absurd.



Natasha Davis: Suspended

A poetic journey from one episode or installation to another investigating marginal spaces and evoking migratory bodies burdened with past memories, present fears and future anxieties. The audience shares the performance space with Natasha, sometimes interacting with her, sometimes with objects around her. There is also film, curiosities in glass jars, meat and strange jewellery. Suspended in the liminal space between two worlds, can one of them ever become home? How do memories preserve identity? Does dust ever settle on the past? Does grass grow over it?

Natasha Davis has presented performances, films and installations in venues and festivals in Europe and America as a solo artist. As a collaborator she has devised, performed or worked as dramaturge with Pacitti Company, Blast Theory, Marisa Carnesky, Tino Sehgal etc. A visiting lecturer at Birkbeck University and Brunel University, Natasha has delivered talks and workshops across the world and is a practice-as-research PhD student at the University of Warwick.

Sheila Ghelani: Nurse Knows Best

“Devised in response to troublesome ideas surrounding purity, cleansing and filth, Nurse Knows Best invites you to take a quick pit stop – to lie back, relax and be cared for. It’s really quite nice. You’ll play patient, we’ll play nurse. We’ve got some beds and some flowers, some sprays and some smiles. Some treats and some sponges. Some soap and some wiles. Don’t you worry about a thing. Its all good clean fun. Now just slip these on and rest your head here… Lets start with your heart, it really is racing…

Sheila makes work that manifests in a range of media. She works both as a solo and collaborative artist and has shown work at venues and festivals across Europe.

She is interested in the relationship between art and science with particular focus on hybridity, crossings, blood, skins, skinning, carefully controlled experiments, colour, genetics and love.

She also teaches in Academic contexts and regularly mentors artists and students and gives public talks.

Catherine Hoffmann: Madame Ex’s Paint and Taint Session

Come and sit with portrait painter, come psyche surgeon, Madame Ex aka artist Catherine Hoffmann … where you can share the foibles of your ex, maybe even the virtues.

She will paint their portrait from your lurid descriptions – a remarkable likeness perhaps or a chance to see your ex in a new light?

With a spin of a wheel and a break up singalong, the messy fate of your Ex’s portrait will be decided.

Catherine Hoffmann is currently produced by Home Live Art as part of the Alternative village fete series and is part of the duo Molly and Me supported by The Arts council England and The Danish Arts council.

She was co-artist in residence at the Factory of Art and Design in Copenhagen this year with Molly Haslund, and at the Nightingale Theatre.

She works with Lundahl and Seitl as a performer and has collaborated with Julia Bardsley, Prototype theatre and Joshua Sofaer in the past.

Stacy Makishi: There’s A Hole In My Heart That Goes All The Way To China

There’s A Hole In My Heart That Goes All The Way To China mines the mysterious caverns of the human heart. This visual jewel will make you laugh with a ‘complicated laugher’, one that comes out of your body because it feels the need to release a human sound in public. The work digs down deep into the depths of loneliness and shame, but even in its darkest moments, the canary still sings.

Stacy Makishi’s works include Body Pods – Skin- a commission by Fuel and Wellcome Trust, And The Stars Down So Close, a public art project funded by ACE, Love Letters to Francis, a film inspired by the works of Francis Bacon, commissioned by TATE Britain and B3 Media. In 2010 Makishi was also commissioned by guest curator Martine Rouleau to create a performance inside the Miroslaw Balka’s epic sculptural installation How it Is at TATE Modern.

Eléonore Nicolas: A Spoonful of Silence

Mandana grows letters in her field. The availability of letters, which enables her to talk, depends on the season and the harvest. She crafts her sentences delicately as she tells you her story, allowing you to enjoy the silence between the words. She is waiting for you by the stove in her cosy kitchen, sprinkling rose petals into a freshly made pot of tea. A delicious and raw performance questioning our use of words. The show can be enjoyed as part of a healthy diet! Tea & cake served as part of this hour long performance.

Eléonore creates interactive shows, which aim at bringing about positive change. She often invites her audience into surprising, yet funny situations to relax them and allow for a more holistic experience. Eléonore’s shows are like a pause button in life, allowing the audience to slow down as she draws attention to little details such as the way we interact with one another and our use of language amongst others, which can often be overlooked in the hustle and bustle of life.

‘Eleonore Nicolas creates images of quiet ethereal beauty that stay with you long after the performance has finished.’ Rosie Goan Absolut Dublin Fringe Festival Director


Louise Orwin: Humiliation Piece

Louise wants to be everything to you tonight- it’s her last chance. Watch her squirm and struggle through a dastardly game of Truth-and-Dare controlled and judged by you: she’s willing to go the extra mile to keep that smile on your face, knowing that if she fails, punishment lies in your hands. A one-woman crusade to the ultimate exhilarating performance, think Truth-or-Dare meets X-Factor-judgement-day meets Fun-House-gunge-tank.

Humiliation Piece puts the private world of a performer’s anxiety into the public arena of theatre and asks for your help. Comic, awkward, and at times frightening, it asks what an audience wants to see on stage, and challenges what we think of entertaining in performance.

Louise Orwin is a London-based live-artist, making work which spans the live and the recorded, with incarnations in performance, video and photography. She is preoccupied with awkwardness, liveness, femininity and masochism. Her work always springs first from a place of vulnerability, honesty and risk, and second from the idea of a chance encounter with a stranger, which is what performance always begins with for her.
She has presented work in London, Bristol, Brighton, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

The Strange Names Collective: Long Term Happiness

Philip is a happy human being. So happy that he will spend 24 hours talking about the things that make him happy. All of them. From a list of over 1200 items, letters from friends and the audience, Philip will spend an entire day exploring happiness, staying happy throughout.

The Strange Names Collective is the umbrella company for both Philip Stanier’s solo and collaborative performance practice. The Strange Names Collective creates performances exploring the gaps between concepts and their manifestation in contemporary culture.

Stanier employs writing, photography, video, the subversion of performative structures and audience contribution/participation, to present elegant projects in varied forms. His work is invested in an attempt to experiment with the temporal and cognitive potential of performance, and balances complexity of content with a lightness of touch in presentation, to help create challenging, meaningful and unique events.

He has made photography projects, 24 hour solo durational performances, group devised touring shows, and solo performances.