FLINT 2014

This information is about a past event.

Salisbury Arts Centre
from 5:30pm, 22nd November 2014
Tickets £20 - book here

FLINT is back! We’ve lined up five fantastic pieces for an afternoon and evening of stimulating and entertaining work, with time to take a break and talk with the artists and audience members and to enjoy a little food alongside the art!


70/30 Split

70/30 SplitWHICH

Something about women. Something about how women are seen. Something by women. Something by women being seen.

Witch, Hag, Bitch, Babe.
Maid, Princess, Dame, Dyke.

70/30 Split present a series of found movement and words, images  and improvisations, taking the audience through the history archives and modern day culture to find examples of the female as grotesque.

Chris Dobrowolski

Chris Dobrowolski photographed by Dave GuttridgeAll Roads Lead To Rome

Chris Dobrowolski has lovingly repaired his family Triumph Herald Estate so that he can drive it from his childhood home in Braintree, Essex, to Rome via Turin where this quintessentially English car was designed.

Part investigation into his father’s time as a Polish soldier in the Italian Campaign of WWII and part muse on consumerism, All Roads Lead to Rome brings together car mechanics, a road trip, dictators and the fetishisation of possessions in a solo performance using old photos, new film and surprising mechanical objects.

Karen Christopher

Karen Christopher photographed by CJ MitchellSmall Trees in Leaf

Small trees in leaf begin to sway: nature performs for you.

The performance of theatre has always been with us just as we have
always observed the performance of nature. Part demonstration of the wind, part performance context talk, this presentation will focus on a force of nature and the place of performance in human life.

Wind is an accumulation of small bits that together create a force which, individually, they would never accomplish — it’s a gathering — it is the tiniest little elements adding up to something once they’ve joined together in motion.

Search Party

Search PartyMy Son & Heir

My Son & Heir is an anarchic celebration of the everyday heroism of parenthood, set amongst a never-ending mess of plastic, flashing-beeping, bubble-blowing chaos.

Search Party are parents, they have a son born in the same year as ‘Baby Cambridge’, and that’s where the similarities end. My Son & Heir confronts the spectacle of the ‘New Royals’ and their strategic attempts to appear just like us. In a playful examination of the relentlessness of raising children, and the guilt-ridden oneupmanship of mainstream baby culture, Search Party consider
what sort of man their son and heir will become.


Project O

Project O photographed by  Camilla GreenwellO

O is a 50-minute romp through the politics of identity driven by basslines, paper signs and deftly thrown shapes. Kinda like what happened when Yellowman met Angela Carter for a cup of tea in the jungle.