FLINT microfest 2012

On 17th and 18th November, Two Destination Language welcomed artists from across the country (plus one from overseas) to present a wide range of contemporary work in Wiltshire. You can still download the program.

Our brilliant photographer, the award-winning Alma Haser, captured something from every one of the pieces — have a look below – and the short video above (by Added Insight) gives a great sense of how much fun we all had!

Comments from the audiences:

“I am glad I came. That afternoon was a cluster of inspiring events. Every piece brought in a different approach of performance, making the festival so rich and diverse.”

“I only wish I could have seen more”


“A wonderful day with so much to enjoy”

“Really great to have combination of theatre and one on one. Good flow of day, never felt like you were missing things … Good balance”

“A very good diversity of practice was presented.”

Comments from our partners:

“The FLINT festival in 2012 was a significant moment for the county, providing a thoughtfully programmed and highly provocative event that challenged the dominant perception of Wiltshire and allowed the creative community to consider a broader way of working. FLINT reached new audiences with an offer unlike anything else within the county; the scale and the creative ambition delivered an experience which made live art a tangible reality for many who had never experienced anything similar.

Two Destination Language have very strong artistic integrity and presented, through FLINT, a clear programming identity separate to anything else in the county. The festival present a clearly defined offer that stands apart from that provided by the National Portfolio Organisations. This separate identity is highly important in enabling the company to reach a new audience. Two Destination Language intelligently programmed the use of existing arts spaces to create completely new and unique atmospheres; redefining the arts centres within the county and challenging the local creative community to react, adapt their thinking, and to be inspired to develop their practice.

The impact of FLINT 2012 will be felt for many years to come, and it is important that Two Destination Language be supported to continue to evolve their own work and to curate the work of others.” –Peter Tyas, Arts and Archives Manager, Wiltshire Council

“A number of people attended the event having never engaged with Pound Arts before. The Flint model gives Pound Arts an opportunity to programme contemporary work that simply would not be possible without being part of something bigger, such as Flint. We hope this will lead to the development of new relationships with artists as well as supporting the development of the artists themselves.” –Michael Cainen, Programme Manager, Pound Arts Corsham

“Felt very well looked after and supported, both in advance and during the event. Enjoyed being encouraged to see the work of other artists.” –Seth Kriebel, Artist

“It was truly exciting to have so many different art forms and high quality art pieces working cohesively in one building. Lovely atmosphere.” –Rosie Garton, Artist, Zoo Indigo

FLINT was funded by support from:

Creative Ecology Wiltshire