What’s Going On?

We’ve had a great microfest at Salisbury Arts Centre in 2014 – more here.

There are no FLINT events currently announced. We’re always interested in discussing opportunities to share work, and are interested in hearing from presenters, funders, cultural agencies and artists who’d like to get involved.

What is FLINT?

Sheila Ghelani at FLINT - photo by Alma HaserFLINT is the umbrella for Two Destination Language’s development work for audiences and artists. We strongly believe that audiences outside of urban centres should be able to see the exciting work made by contemporary performance practitioners.

This means enabling artists to make and share work in places which might not have ready-made audiences, working with those communities and arts professionals across our region to bring exciting opportunities that make the southwest a great place to make and show work.

In 2012, we ran FLINT microfest and audiences, programmers and artists asked for more. In 2013, we ran FLINTsparks at Winchester Discovery Centre. It featured ideas and work in the making from seven artists/companies, and two of those were awarded FLINTwalls residential commissions to make work in Winchester. Work by these companies, 70/30split and Haranczak/Navarre, was featured in FLINT2014.

In August 2013, we took things a bit more rural! FLINT@AshleyWood brought a selection of contemporary work to the performance day of Ashley Wood Festival.

Finally for 2013, on 30th October, we presented the work of three exciting artists at The Point Eastleigh. It was a FLINTnight featuring the work of interdisciplinary artists working in the southwest, and helped venues and artists seed some relationships for the future.

In November 2014, we brought five artists to Salisbury Arts Centre for a microfest which again brought them into contact with programmers new to their work, and provided audiences with a range of fabulous performances at great value.

We continue to strive to make sure that there are plenty of opportunities for contemporary work to reach new audiences in our area.