Declining Solo

Declining Solo

Much of the last month has been spent on a research and development project for a new piece, Declining Solo.

This kind of project is delicate: it’s an early attempt to realise some ideas, and figure out what works, what doesn’t work, whether the things we thought interested us really do, and whether or not other people are excited by the ideas.

We’ve worked in spaces at Salisbury Arts Centre, The Point Eastleigh and ARC Stockton. We’ve shared work with audiences in each place (and we’ll be sharing some more, too — in Ipswich as part of Pulse and Birmingham with BE 2016). We’ve spoken to coal merchants, theatre professionals, farmers and shop assistants. We’ve worked with physical materials, video, movement, words, music. We’ve played with silence and space, and with a frenzied density of content. We’ve thought about family, friends, time, ageing, memory and the future.

We’ve had a really productive time. People have wanted to talk with us about the ideas, about how they intersect with things they’ve been thinking themselves. They’ve wanted to stay on the journey we’ve started, so it looks like this is going to happen. We’re off, making a show. There must have been a moment, when it changed from being a maybe to a yes, when we moved from wanting to do this thing to feeling that we were, in fact, now doing it.

There are lots of questions. There’s lots of work to do. But this is a good place to be.

We’d like to thank the organisations that made it possible: Arts Council England, ARC Stockton, Dance4 , The Point Eastleigh and Salisbury Arts Centre. And we’d like to thank those who continue to support us on our journey forwards.